To be or not to be?

Shakespeare knew everything

I feel a bit weird doing this.

My English is bad, I don’t know where to start and where to end, nobody will ever read these words. But I need to say something, at least to myself.

My question is WHY?

Thinking of the purest meaning of life always leaves me stunned.

I don’t get why our only priority is to find a better 9–18 job, a better home, a faster car… What’s the goal in that? What’s our purpose? I’m not referring to someone that strives to pay his bills and get his food, I’m addressing the manager that would stab his brother to get that promotion.

All this can sound like a cliche and maybe is, but is so real. We live like zombies in our cities. We wake up in the morning and go to work, we gulp down our lunch at the McDonald’s to go back to work as fast as we can.

We are just rats in a wheel.

Who refuses to see that is either mad or your boss. Maybe both.

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A simple list of what happens in our lives:

  • We work approximately 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, while we spend only 2 hours with the ones we love. If one day is made by 24 hours we are focused on making more money during the 40% of our life, while we are enjoying our life only for 8% of it (plus the weekends).
  • We will die without knowing how you feel walking in the snow in the Alps at night, how it is to wake up and see the jungle from your window. We won’t ever see the Northern Lights in Iceland nor Victoria Falls in Zambia. Our planet is the most precious thing we have and we are only capable of destroying it.
  • We will never eat food grown and cooked by us.
  • We wait for the weekend because is the only thing that lets us breathe.
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I’m not depressed.

I’m happy with my life, I have low-stress work that gives me a good amount of free time (I’m an entrepreneur) and I work with the awesome girl I love, so I’m feeling very lucky. Then why I’m writing this?

The decision to make is whether to be or not to be. Nothing less.

I am determined to find a way to live in contact with nature, to learn to reconcile technology with who we are, and to enjoy our Earth without being a slave to routines and society.

We have better chances than ever: we can make money online, we can travel to the other side of the planet in less than a day, but we don’t do any of that. We choose not to be.

I am happy and I want to be.

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